Manila bay: the place where it all starts

“There will be no more famous bay in the Philippines other than the Manila bay. The bay where most of us Manileños grow up with. The bay where during our childhood days was our sanctuary from the polluted air of the city. The bay where our most romantic event took place. And the only bay to reminisce those days while the sun was gobbled by the frenzied sea..”

Dubbed as one of the best and finest natural bay in the world. Manila bay is considered as one of the most important or prominent enclosed sea not just in the whole country but to the rest of Asia as well, as it serves as the national and international gateway to the Philippines and maritime sanctuary during typhoons.

With an area of 1,994 km sq. and a coastline of 190 km. Manila bay is the maritime gateway to the areas surrounding it with Manila as the nerve, as more prominently during road less days which it serves as the crossroad.

The Manila bay was surrounded by Province of Bataan at the west, Pampanga at the north, Bulacan at the northeast, Metro manila at the east and Cavite Province at the south. It was guarded by the Island of Coreggidor at it’s mouth. The Manila bay serves as a basin by Major Rivers that drain the areas surrounding it. Particularly the Pasig river, Pampanga river and rivers in Bulacan and Bataan.

During the Latter years Bataan was known from its unparalleled natural beauty, not just from it’s natural resources but more famously from its panoramic beauty. The area was famous from its skyline especially during sunset as it depicts a dramatic scene of the sun being engulf by the sea in a hazy lazy glow.

Currently due from the cosmopolitan growth of the area surrounding Manila bay, major development to maximize the limited space took place through land reclamation. One of the proponent project of land reclamation is the Bay city. A fully integrated technologically advance city, being looked up nowadays as the future of  the Philippine’s growth. First initiated by the reclamation for the CCP complex, the development continues and currently in the most exciting phase which is the ongoing construction of the Pagcor Entertainment City in Aseana business park along with Sole Mare parksuites.


The Bay City: The Metro Manila’s Future

The Manila bay‘s Bay City is a Prime reclaimed land development initiated by our government. It is first realize and formalize by the former first lady Imelda Marcos through the reclamation and construction of its initiatory phase the Cultural Center of the Philippines Complex at Pasay City Metro Manila.

The Bay City is featured as the adjacent future skyline beside  Metro Manila and is hoped to be the cornucopic  promenade of Business, entertainment, transportation and Leisure. It will Feature a Sea based landscape of prominent greens, Manila bay scenery and wide open spaces as opposed to the Metro’s inland Crowded Concrete Jungle.

The Bay City will be built in Phases which are called Islands:

  • CCP complex island– the First of these phases currently houses the CCP theater, Philippine Convention Center, star city, etc..
  • The Central Business park I-A, –  The second among these Phases Currently Developed by the Metro Bank group and the SMIT. Prominent developed Structure in this area are the SM corporate office, the Mall of Asia, SM Convention Center, the Promenade and the Sea Residences.
  • The Central Business Park I-BC or Aseana Business Park – The Third Phase that currently host the ongoing development boom at the reclamation area. The Island’s Existing development are the New DFA, Little Binondo, Uniwide sales Costal Mall, and the only residential at the area Sole Mare Parksuit. It is in these Island where the most exciting development will be built. The ongoing construction of the Bagong Nayong Pilipino and the first phase of the Pagcor’s Entertainment City is the Hallmark of these future development.
  • The Central Business Park II– Commercial and Mixed Use
  • Asia World– Mix Development of Residential and Commercial Use
  • Centennial City – It will host a world-class golf course, and prime residential villages.

Although through the past years the area felt a slow development renew Interest and directive planning made the area lively again by numerous current development. The centerpiece is the Pagcor’s “Entertainment City” which is dubbed as the New Vegas in Asia. It is formally inaugurated last year and currently at its first phase of construction. The Entertainment City features world-class Casino, theme parks, Boutique Hotels within It’s 65 Hectares zone and at It’s Center piece the Pagcor’s  Observatory Tower which is expected to be the 2nd tallest free-standing tower in the world.

Currently the whole Bay Area are under three city jurisdiction of Manila, Pasay and Paranaque but future trends say that after the developments the whole reclamation area will be organize into a separate independent Entity the Bay City.

The Metro Manila

Metro Manila is a hearty Metropolitan surrounded by two seas. An Isthmus between the Salty Manila bay and the Fresh water lake of Laguna de Bay. It’s location as the barrier between these seas is considerably Strategic making Metro Manila as an Ideal hub of transportation, culture and commerce. Thus, an Ideal place to set up as the capital of the Country.

The Metro Manila is an agglomeration of sixteen Cities and Municipalities. The sixteen City and municipalities that composed it are the City of Manila, Quezon city, Makati city, Pateros, Taguig City, Navotas, Malabon City, Caloocan City, Muntinlupa City, San Juan City, Pasig City, Marikina City, Valenzuela City, Pasay City, Parañaque City and Las Piñas City.

Metro Manila is bordered up north by the province of Bulacan, East by the Province of Rizal, and South by both Cavite and Laguna.

Although Historically and Linguistically a region of the Tagalogs. Metro Manila is actually a Big land of Plurality and Heterogeneousness. Metro Manila is a land where almost all people meet and connect. Almost all the ethnic and regional people not just around the Philippines but all over the world has a representative in this place. So no wonder New People who went here get familiarization of the place so easy and quick.



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